Taylor Swift Embraces the Dad Hat

Taylor Swift Embraces the Dad Hat

Taylor Swift is embracing the "Dad Hat" trend, signaling a departure from her trademark feminine style. The singer was recently spotted at Electric Lady Studios in New York, sporting a lowkey look reminiscent of something a dad might wear at a barbecue.

Her outfit consisted of a sheer black ribbed tank top, shiny navy cargo pants, black platform boots, and a tan shoulder bag. To complement her pared-down look, she accessorized with basic gold jewelry, including bracelets, layered necklaces, a single ring, and diamond earrings.

The standout element of Swift's ensemble was her tan corduroy baseball cap, worn over two pigtail braids. This Ralph Lauren cotton chino ball cap has become a popular choice among celebrities. For instance, Kendall Jenner paired her navy version with a mid-length white dress and thong kitten heels, while Jennifer Lawrence wore hers with an oversized white tee, black silk pants, and black sandals.

Swift's choice of a more masculine accessory, particularly the hat, contrasts with her well-known feminine style. In the past, she has been recognized for her elegant and chic fashion choices. This shift in her look has sparked curiosity about whether it's a temporary departure or a sign of a new era in her style evolution. Regardless, Taylor Swift's embrace of the "Dad Hat" trend has caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts and fans alike.

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