Kenzo Unveils Striking Fall/Winter 2023 Collection Captured by Keizo Kitajima

Kenzo has officially revealed its captivating Fall/Winter 2023 collection, granting us entry into NIGO's personal creative universe.

This collection is a fusion of diverse cultures, eras, and styles, presented through a lookbook that initiates a cultural conversation echoing the streets of Kyoto and Osaka. It shines a spotlight on the vibrant youth culture in these two Japanese cities, portraying their unique expressions within Japan and on a global stage.

Osaka's dynamic streets, with their underground youth scene, collide with Kyoto's rich historical tapestry, where tradition harmonizes with a hidden music culture catering to the young. The visuals, masterfully curated by Japanese photographer Keizo Kitajima, capture the cosmopolitan essence that defines Nigo's vision for the renowned French label, all within the backdrop of his homeland, Japan.

In a collection of street portraits, Kitajima skillfully directs our focus towards the everyday interactions between local residents and their surroundings. The campaign features VERNON, a member of the K-pop sensation SEVENTEEN and a Kenzo brand ambassador, alongside a special cameo appearance by NIGO himself, adorned in a stylish blue-striped shirt. This collection is a testament to Kenzo's commitment to blending cultures and fashion sensibilities, creating a bold and beautiful narrative for Fall/Winter 2023.


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