Heron Preston Joins H&M As Creative Menswear Advisor

Heron Preston Joins H&M As Creative Menswear Advisor

Heron Preston, the New York-based designer known for his eponymous fashion label and creative entity L.E.D. Studio, is expanding his influence by partnering with H&M as its Creative Menswear Advisor.

This "long-term partnership" aims to revitalize H&M's men's fashion offerings by incorporating Preston's signature streetwear vision. In this role, Preston will contribute to the creative direction of H&M's main menswear line while also producing his own seasonal capsule collections. His responsibilities will include design advisory, special collections, talent curation, and fashion innovation, spanning various aspects of creation, curation, collaborations, and environmentally equitable circularity initiatives.

Preston stated, "The idea, at first, is for our work to be very experimental. From there, we’re hoping for what we create through H2 to inform the wider H&M design operation... I always say, the face of fashion is all of us. H&M speaks to so many different types of people around the globe and is a brand for everyone. I love to push the boundaries of what’s possible and felt like they were really interested in doing that with me."

The collaboration is set to debut its first 40-piece collection with H&M next year, marking the beginning of this exciting long-term partnership.

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